Getting Started Guides

Getting Started Guide:

In addition to the tutorials listed below, a getting started guide and collection of initial tutorials are available in this .pdf document:  Getting Started Guide

Creating a Bloomberg Account:

Here is a video guide when demonstrates how to create a Bloomberg username and password as well as install the Excel Add-In:

Enrolling in the Bloomberg Market Concepts Course:

This guide gives instructions on how to enroll in the Bloomberg Market Concepts online course.  This is a course that may be taken at no charge in the MTSM Ray Cassetta Financial Analysis Laboratory and will provide you with an overview of many Bloomberg functions and their application in obtaining information and data through practical examples.  This course takes approximately eight hours to complete and upon completion of this course, you will obtain a Bloomberg certificate that may be added to your resume.  Please enter the CLASSCODE: C0ZKN12GM7 when prompted during the registration process.

Students can take this course for free in the Ray Cassetta Financial Analysis Laboratory at NJIT or online for a charge of $149 with a .edu email account The following is a link to Bloomberg’s certification website:

To get started, first create a Bloomberg account following the guide in the above video.  Then log into your account and load the function BMC by typing “BMC” in the command line of a terminal.  This should load the following screen:


Next, click the “7) Sign Up” link in the left panel to get started enrolling in the course.  The below screen should then be displayed.  Please fill out the form and click the “1) Sign Up” button at the lower right of the screen when finished.


You next will receive an email from Bloomberg that contains an account activation code.  Enter this code into the activation field to completed the account creation process.  Once your account it activated, you will see the following screen:


Finally, click the “Access Course” button in the upper right of the screen.  After clicking this button, you will be able to access course materials either in the terminal or in an internet browser.  If you select the browser option, you will be directed to the following website:


Finally, begin going through the content in the Introduction, Economic Indicators, Currencies, and Fixed Income modules.  Upon completion, you will receive your Bloomberg certification.